unitedworldcollegeWe Had Fun in 2015 - United World College USA

The Wellesley in New Mexico Club gathered several times in 2015.

United World College USA in Montezuma, NM - Sunday afternoon, October 4, 2015

Christie Baskett '82 and students of United World College USA hosted the fall club gathering. We spent the afternoon reconnecting with fellow alumnae and touring the beautiful Montezuma Castle, built in 1881, and the signature building on the UWC-USA campus. We were also able to spend time in the Dwan Light Sanctuary.

UWC-USA is located on State Route 65 in Montezuma, NM, approximately 1 hour from Santa Fe. UWC-USA is one of fifteen UWCs on five continents. It is a two-year international boarding school for students age 16-19 from 77 countries. The school shares ties with Wellesley in that Kathryn Davis ’28 (funder of the Davis Museum at Wellesley) and her son Shelby M.C. Davis were/are major supporters of both schools.

The Dwan Light Sanctuary was designed by Virginia Dwan, Charles Ross, and Laban Wingert in 1996. The circular building features 12 large prisms in the apses and ceiling, which spread rainbows across the floor and walls of the interior.The Light Sanctuary has served the UWC-USA campus and the public as a quiet place for reflection. Photo and description from http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/dwan-light-sanctuary

This photo taken of our group event was featured on page 59 of the Wellesley Alumnae Magazine, Winter 2016.